Honda Activa 125 BS4 price, color, mileage, specifications & more

Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 125 continued the stupendous success phase for the Japanese manufacturer Honda, after the moped, Honda Activa 3G. Honda Activa decided to win the hearts of the consumers in the 125 cc segment, launched its new automatic model with 125cc, BS4 engine Honda Activa 125.

Honda Activa 125 comes with best of the features offered in the industry and more importantly, in the segment. The engine of Activa 125 as its name suggests is 125 cc, to be specific, it’s 124.9 CC. The other fascinating features of Honda Activa 125 are the metal body, digital meter, telescopic suspension and ‘can’t be ignored’ – 3D emblem with a stylish design. And the feature that an eye can’t see is the technology, Honda continues its all new HET (Honda Eco Technology) to give the consumer best possible mileage with 125 CC and BS4 engine.

The Honda has not altered the original design much and tried to keep the Honda Activa 125 style simple for the young riders.

Honda Activa 125


Honda Scooters is offering three variants in Honda Activa 125, which is.,

  1. Honda Activa 125 STD
  2. Activa STD Alloy
  3. Honda Activa DLX
STD Electric Start, Drum Brake
STD Alloy Alloy Wheels, Electric Start, Drum Brake
DLX Alloy Wheels, Electric Start, Disc Brake

let’s see the difference between the 3 variants, Honda Activa 125 STD is the standard model will the feature as promised like metal wheels, electric start, and drum brake but Honda Activa STD Alloy variant has the Alloy wheels with other features as well. The Honda Activa 125 DLX variant comes with standard features, Alloy wheels but with Disc Brake in place of the drum brake.

Honda Activa 125 Price

Honda Activa 125 Variant Price in Rs.(ex-showroom Mumbai)
Activa 125 STD 58616
Activa 125 STD Alloy 60541
Activa 125 DLX 62976

Honda Activa 125 Colors

Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colors; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.
― Kahlil Gibran

Honda Activa 125 model is all new in colors except for Black which is available in all other models of Honda Activa.Honda provided this model in 5 colors.Black is a standard and unanimous color to go for, after white, in case you are not able to decide between colors of the Activa. The white color is renamed as pearl amazing white which looks elegant. The other 3 vibrant colors of Honda Activa are Rebel Red Metallic, Midnight Blue Metallic, Mat Crust Metallic(Grey)

There are five colors available in a market:

  • Black
  • Rebel Red Metallic
  • Midnight Blue Metallic
  • Mat crust Metallic
  • Pearl Amazing White

Honda Activa 125 Mileage

The Mileage is approximately 60 km/l of Honda Activa 125 under standard conditions. The Honda Eco Technology(HET) used by Honda Motors in most of the models have given good results in the mileage. It has improved the mileage of Activa 125 compared to the 110 cc models. The Engine is 125 cc which yields better pickup but also affects fuel consumption but it is still successful in giving better mileage to the rider.

Honda Activa 125 is the best fusion of pickup and mileage. The need of the nation is to have a scooter with better mileage i.e., more kilometers with less price and Activa 125 is the answer for that. The estimated figures of mileage in the city, in highway and overall mileage are mentioned below.

Honda Activa 125 Mileage in City-Estimation 45-50 km/l
Honda Activa 125 Mileage in Highway-Estimation 55 km/l
Honda Claim – Overall Mileage 60 km/l

Honda Activa 125 Specifications

Briefly, let’s see the specifications of Honda Activa 125. The engine displacement is 124.9 cc, air cooled and single cylinder. The estimations of power and torque are 8 bhp@7500 rpm and 9 Nm @5500 rpm.The top speed clocks up to 82 km/h and estimated mileage is around 60 km/l under predefined conditions.and of course as you know the transmission is of automatic type.

Engine Displacement 124.9cc, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
Power (estimated) 8 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Torque (estimated) 9 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Transmission Automatic
Mileage (estimated) 60 km/l
Top Speed 82 km/h
Fuel System Carburator

Activa 125 Fuel Tank

The Fuel tank capacity of Honda Activa 125 model is 5.3 liter which is sufficient for in and around the city as the mileage is also good. One can visit their friends and relatives within the reach, not worrying about fuel once filled up.  A rider can easily travel long distance once the fuel tank is filled up. The large fuel tank is the savior of the riders who love long drives.The Honda Activa gives a fuel economy of around 55 km/l, so with a full tank, one may go around 275 kilometers.

Activa 125 Body Dimensions

The physical dimensions of Honda Activa 125  differ minutely from the other models of Activa. The length from the front end to the rear end is 1814 mm. The width is 704 mm, which is way lesser than the Honda Activa 4G. However, the difference does not appear significantly to any naked eye. The height of Activa 125 is 1151mm. The height of the seat is 765 mm to give you a smooth ride on the Activa 125. Kerb weight, which is the weight of the vehicle without any accessories, luggage or a rider is 110 kg.

Length  1814mm
Width  704mm
Height  1151mm
Wheelbase  1260mm
Seat height  765mm
Kerb weight  108 kg(DLX)

Activa 125 transmission

Honda Activa 125 can scale up to a speed of 84km/hour may be because of the HET engine design. One of the main purposes of the Automatic, gearless scooter is to maintain the mileage and effortless ride. The Honda has really put great efforts into delivering an automatic scooter which gives both mileage and speed.

Type V – Matic
Max speed 84 km ph

Activa 125 Tyres & Brakes

Tyre size (front)  90/90-12 (Tubeless)
Tyre size (Rear)  90/100-10 (Tubeless)
Rim Size (front)  12 inch
Rim Size (rear)  10 inch
Brake type & size (front)  Drum 130mm/Disc 190mm
Brake type & size (Rear)  Drum 130mm (CBS)
It’s frontastic to ride in style and stop in style. The 5-spoke alloy wheels with front disc brake give you the power to take complete control of every road.

Activa 125 Frame & Suspension

Frame type Underbone
Front Telescopic
Rear Spring loaded hydraulic type
With the telescopic front suspension, glide over every bump in style.

The frame type of Honda Activa 125 is Underbone which is very strong, The front suspension is a telescopic and rear suspension is a spring loaded hydraulic type which gives the rider a smooth and effortless experience of the drive.

Activa 125 Electricals

Battery 12V 3Ah (Maintenance Free)
Head Lamp 12V 35/35W
Override all the ordinaries and leave a frontastic impression with LED position lights and chrome chest of the new Activa 125.

*The specifications and design of the Scooter shown may vary according to requirements & conditions and are subject to change without any notice. Accessories shown in the picture are not a part of the standard equipment.

Activa 125 Ground Clearance

Ground Clearance is defined as the amount of space between automobile tire base and lowest point. Riding Honda Activa 125 is quite comfortable with fantastic Ground Clearance of 155 mm. without any weight on the vehicle.It’s a sleek, comfortable and stylish ride with higher ground clearance as Honda has taken much care to upgrade the new version from its predecessor.

Honda Activa 125 Features

Take the bad roads with a fantastic attitude. With a strong metal body and an all-around finish, it’s time to ride out.
Charge up whenever and wherever you want. With a convenient charging port and a large under seat storage of 18L, life goes 1-2 KA 5.

Have a look at the few features of Honda Activa 125 in brief,

The Activa 125 is built with the boisterous metal body, the front of the body has snappy light emitting diode – led chrome chest. The console has both digital and analog meter. The odometer and trip meter are digital but the speedometer is analog, low fuel indicator is also included for the convenience along with left and right direction indicator lights.

The powerful BSIV engine of 125 CC is the heart and soul of the Activa 125. The telescopic front suspension makes the ride effortless and Tubeless TyresAlloy wheels, and front disc brake are the essential safety features a scooter should have. The combi brake system increases the possibility for a safe ride where response time of impact of brakes is decreased drastically

The convenience of retractable front hook to hang any belongings is appreciated by the consumers.The under seat space of Honda Activa 125 measures up to 18l which is quite spacious, the mobile charging point is the main attraction to have as anytime, anywhere a mobile device can be charged, the automatic headlamp on (AHO) is an additional feature which cannot be missed a mention, it switches on according to the need and weather conditions.

 Honda Activa 125 Engine

Honda Activa 125 has 4 strokes air cooled, SI engine. SI engine stands for Spark Ignition engine. The displacement of the Honda Activa 125 engine is 124.9 cc or. The compression ratio is 9.8:1. As it is said, the more the compression ratio, the more is the fuel efficiency of the engine. Honda’s Activa 125 model is built with 57.9 mm stroke and bore of 52.4 mm.

The maximum net power of the Honda Activa 125 is 6.38 kW (8.60 BHP) at 6500 revolutions per minute in the laboratory condition. Honda claimed on their official website that maximum net torque of this model, Activa 125 can experience is 10.12 Nm at 5000 revolutions per minute. The engine of Honda Activa 125 is slightly better than Honda Activa 4G.

Type  Air cooled, 4 strokes, SI, BSIV engine
Cylinder capacity 124.9cc
Max net power
Max net torque
Bore 52.4mm
Stroke 57.9mm
Compression ratio 9.8:1
Air filter type  Viscous paper filter
Starting method  Kick/Self

Honda Activa 125 Top Speed

Type V – Matic
Max speed 84 KMPH

The top speed of Activa is 84 km/hr. which is quite good in the Indian scooter segment.

Honda Activa 125 BSIV


Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has launched Honda Activa 125 scooter 2017 with the new BSIV Engine, where BS stands for Bharat Stage and IV for 4 i.e., Bharat Stage 4. BS-IV is a compliance made mandatory by the Government of India for all the motor vehicles to follow norms.

Honda Activa 125 2017 is powered with 125 CC Honda Eco Technology (HET) Engine and Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) compliance. Compliant with BS-IV norms, the new Activa 125 comes with Honda Eco Technology which ensures optimum performance and superb mileage.

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