Honda Activa I BS4 price, color, mileage, specifications & more

Honda Activa I
Honda Activa I

Honda Activa I

The latest and updated version from Honda Activa series is Honda Activa I by Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India (HMSI). The Slimmer and Lighter version of the Honda Activa, Activa I is here to lure you to grab it at first sight. The brand value and the reliability are not only the reasons but the weight which is lighter and the cost which is also cheaper are other reasons to add to super sales of the Honda Activa I.
The engine is of BSIV standard and the color schemes of Activa I comes in dual tone. The revamped model is powered by a 109.2 cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, HET (Honda Eco Technology) engine that gushes out 8 BHP and 8.94 Nm of torque. The company claims a top speed of 83 km/h. The weight is 103 kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 5.3 L.There are other models available in the market from the companies like Yamaha, Hero, Suzuki consumers are opting for the Honda’s Activa I in spite of the waiting period.

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Honda Activa I
Honda Activa I

Honda Activa I Price

“Price ain’t merely about numbers. It’s a satisfying sacrifice.”
― Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Honda Activa I Price is slightly more expensive than the older model in the 2017 year. The scooter comes with BSIV standard HET engine and AHO, automatic headlamp on feature along with all the standard feature which Honda Scooters offer to their consumers. The Activa I price ranges from Rs.48000/- to Rs.52000/- approximately.The price is including the GST tax, throughout as the taxis throughout the country as one tax since July 1st,2017.The on road price of Honda Activa I is inclusive of taxes applicable, insurance and cost of the vehicle.

Honda Activa I Colors

The Honda Scooters is offering this version of Activa, Activa I in five scintillating colors, they are.,

  1. Orchid Purple Metallic
  2. Lush Magenta Metallic
  3. Neo Orange Metallic
  4. Imperial Red Metallic
  5. Black.

Honda Activa I Mileage

The mileage of Honda Activa I scooter’s is economical on the rider’s pocket. It offers a mileage around 66kmpl. The Honda Eco Technology is the feature behind the mileage and at the same time the light weight has provided the less burden on the engine and adding the value to the mileage.

Honda Activa I Mileage in City-Estimation 45-50 km/hr
Honda Activa I Mileage in Highway-Estimation 55 km/hr
Honda Claim – Overall Mileage 60 km/hr

Honda Activa I Specifications

Without going through the Specifications  of Honda Activa I, this article is incomplete., tighten your seat belts to go through the amazing list of specifications and they are away,

Engine Displacement 109.19cc, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
Power (estimated) 8 bhp @ 7000 rpm
Torque (estimated) 8.94 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Transmission Automatic
Mileage (estimated) 60 km/l
Top Speed 83 km/h
Fuel System Carburator

Activa I Fuel Tank

The fuel tank capacity of Honda Activa I is 5.3 litres.even though the body dimensions of the moped I less compared to the other models of Activa, the fuel capacity is not compromised.considering the mileage Activa I gives the 5.3 l capacity of the fuel tank is more than sufficient to move around the city/town and surroundings without worry.

Activa I Body Dimensions

The length and width of the Honda Activa I are much lesser than the other models of the Honda Activa. the height too is small if compared but it does not make any difference to the user experience.

 Length  1795 mm
 Width  705 mm
Height  1115 mm
Wheelbase  1238 mm
Seat height  765 mm
Kerb weight  103 kg

Activa I Weight

As mentioned earlier about the slim body and light weight Honda Activa I weighs about 103 kg. It is actually the kerb weight of the bike. Kerb weight is the weight of any vehicle without any oil, fuel, and accessories, need not mention about the rider or pillion rider.The weight of Honda Activa I is the lightest of all the models.

Activa I transmission

It has a V-Matic type transmission. push button, start, Go.

Type V – Matic
Max speed 83 km ph

Activa I tyres & brakes

The tyres are tubeless. yes, tubeless.. Have fun going around without worrying about the tyres being punctured.the both Rim sizes of front and rear are 10 inches, the tyre sizes of both front and rear are 90/100-10.the Brake type and sizes(front & rear) 130 mm.

Tyre size (front)  90/100-10 (Tubeless)
Tyre size (Rear)  90/100-10 (Tubeless)
Rim size (front)  10 inch
Rim size (rear)  10 inch
Brake type & size (front)  Drum 130mm
Brake type & size (Rear)  Drum 130mm (CBS)


It is equipped with tubeless tyres which reduce the chances of immediate deflation in case of a puncture.

Activa I-Frame & Suspension

The Ride on the underbone frame of the Honda Activa I gives a balanced and smooth ride.The front and rear suspensions of Activa I are a spring loaded hydraulic type. A little bird told us about the front suspension is not much effective but however, it’s their personal experience.

Frame type Underbone
Front Spring loaded hydraulic type
Rear Spring loaded hydraulic type

Activa I Electricals

The Headlamp is powerful with 12v 35/35w bulb in it powered by a 12v 3Ah(MF) Battery.

Battery 12V 3Ah (Maintenance Free)
Head Lamp 12V 35/35W

Activa I Ground Clearance

The ground clearance of the Honda Activa I is 165mm which gives the rider a very smooth and comfortable ride. In the Indian road condition, the 165mm of ground clearance is fantastic too for a scooter.

Honda Activa I Features

There are few mouthful features of Honda Activa I, we can list out..,
Compact Design
A simple and Stylish design of Activa I makes it stand apart from the competitors.

Dual tone colors
The dazzling dual tone colors is another reason to show off as much as you can.

Outstanding graphics
Along with the dual tone colors the additional graphics bring the oomph to the all new stylish Activa I

HET engine with BSIV
The Engine of BSIV standard with Honda’s proprietary technology, Honda Eco Technology is the heart of the Activa I.

sharp tail light
It brings altogether a new look to the rear view of the Activa I.

Tubeless tyres
The tyres of Activa I are tubeless which avoids the immediate deflation of the tyres when punctured.

Automatic Headlamp On(AHO)
AHO is another feather in the cap of Honda where it improves the visibility under dull lighting conditions

Storage space – 18 litre
The big and spacious 18-litre storage space is going to be offered under the seat for storing your belongings.

Combi Braking System(CBS) with the equalizer
Combi Braking System(CBS) is a technology which ensures a shorter braking distance with more stability. The Equalizer, proprietary of Honda, gives you perfect balance while braking.

Mobile charging socket(optional)
The mobile or any other device can be charged with a separate charging socket offered by the Honda Scooters which is an option to have.A definite yes from the consumers is assumed in these days of Digital era.

Honda Activa I Charging Slot

Body color rear view mirrors
The rear view mirrors of Honda Activa I are painted with matching a color with its respective body color to give it a sizzling look.

Honda Activa I Engine

Honda Activa I is equipped with BSIV standard, SI(standard ignition), fan cooled, 4 strokes, 110 cc engine. The Honda eco-technology(HET) adopted by Honda makes the engine more efficient and sustainable.The air filter is of vicious paper type.There are two types starting methods, obviously, as its an automatic transmission Honda Activa I can be started by kick and self-start.

The other few specifications of the Honda Activa I engine are Max net power-5.91kw(8 bhp) at 7000 rotations per minute, max net torque is 8.94Nm @5500 rpm.The bore is of 50 mm.

Type  Air cooled, 4 strokes, SI, BSIV engine
Cylinder capacity  109.19cc
Max net power  5.91 kW (8bhp) @7000 rpm
Max net torque  8.94 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Bore  50 mm
Stroke  55.6 mm
Compression ratio  9.5:1
Air filter type  Viscous paper filter
Starting method  Kick/Self

Honda Activa I Top Speed

The top and Maximum speed Activa I can achieve is 83kmph which is immaculate considering the small size of the scooter.

Honda Activa I BSIV

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has launched Activa I scooter 2017 with the new BSIV Engine, where BS stands for Bharat Stage and IV for 4 i.e., Bharat Stage 4. BS-IV is a compliance made mandatory by the Government of India for all the motor vehicles to follow norms.

Activa I 2017 is powered with 109 CC Honda Eco Technology (HET) Engine and Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) compliance. Compliant with BS-IV norms, the new Activa I comes with Honda Eco Technology which ensures optimum performance and superb mileage.

There is option to check 360-degree view for Honda Activa I on Honda’s Official Website

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